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Why OpenGym is perfect for your facility

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Tue Feb 07 2023

Table of Contents

  1. What makes OpenGym special
  2. Not sold on OpenGym? Get a 6 month free trial!
  3. Is your website out of date or lacking payment processing?
  4. Sign-up is incredibly fast and easy!
  5. Our Mission

OpenGym was made to make the process of finding and booking a court or field rental as easy and fast as possible for both gyms and customers. With the next generation of consumers increasingly utilizing mobile apps, it is crucial for facilities to accommodate customers to seamlessly book online.

OpenGym has worked tirelessly to provide a product that will allow gyms to onboard easily, handle finances, manage reservations and host events all in a cost-effective manner. “So why make the switch to OpenGym?” This blog will aim to answer these important questions.

What makes OpenGym special

OpenGym is looking to revolutionize the way gym owners can use software for booking reservations, managing finances or attracting new customers. OpenGym will function as a gym marketplace program where customers can view gym locations and availability, allowing for quick and easy booking for customers online. In addition to serving as a medium for gym reservations, OpenGym has also developed software to help gyms view and export their monthly financial revenues. Gyms will be able to effectively oversee customer's bookings, edit their gym details and spot key financial patterns all while safely storing user data and payment methods.

Another one of the key facets behind the OpenGym design is expanding the marketability of each local gym. Every gym has its loyal customer base, but how well does the gym reach out to new customers or tourists coming in from out of town? With optimized website search engine optimization, a modern website layout, and an Android & iOS mobile app, customers will quickly discover and make reservations at your gym, without any additional advertising required.

Join OpenGym's marketplace and make checkout easy for your customers!

Join OpenGym's marketplace and make checkout easy for your customers!

All gyms have slow months, it's true. As winter transitions into spring and spring turns into summer, more and more athletes want to trade in the indoor facility for the park right across the street. And that gym management software? Still charging you the same monthly rate in the summer as if it were peak season in January.

OpenGym will charge only on a reservation basis, so payment is based only on the user traffic generated through the OpenGym app. With OpenGym, there is no monthly fee! No sign-up fees, hidden fees, and software associate fees. Instead, OpenGym charges a standard rate 10% processing fee on card transactions made through OpenGym software. This means that only rentals made through OpenGym's payment processing will be charged! Our success is based on yours!

OpenGym makes your life easier. With an easy to use dashboard showing you all the most important information, you will never miss a beat.

  • Receive notifications when someone sends your gym a message or makes a reservation
  • Manage and cancel reservations with ease
  • Create and edit events
  • Change the details of your gym shown on in an instant
  • Export financial reports and customer information to Excel in seconds.
OpenGym's Owner Dashboard

OpenGym's Owner Dashboard

Not sold on OpenGym? Get a 6 month free trial!

At OpenGym, we understand managing a gym takes a lot of effort and the less decisions you have to make the better. Therefore, we are delighted to offer you a 6 month free trial, no questions asked! This means no processing fees on any payments processed by OpenGym, all proceeds go right back to you! Our job is to make your gym more accessible and profitable with no hassle and zero risk. We are confident OpenGym is the best solution for your gym!

Get notified when reservations come in!

Get notified when reservations come in!

Is your website out of date or lacking payment processing?

Don't have a website or is your old site in need of a face-lift? No problem, the OpenGym developers can assist you in making a whole new website, tailored to your themes, working on desktop and mobile with built-in payment processing. OpenGym can also add a booking page to your site that users can use to reserve a court or field. OpenGym will modify this booking page to your gym's liking and make sure you're satisfied before adding it to your site.

May your customer base enjoy booking through your website!

Sign-up is incredibly fast and easy!

OpenGym will utilize Stripe as its payment processor for instant gym ownership verification and bank account linking for reservation payouts. Simply put, there is no platform that offers faster gym onboarding than OpenGym. Our developers have worked tirelessly to simplify the registration process as much as possible, allowing gyms to sign up through a series of simple steps.

Onboarding made easy!

Onboarding made easy!

Onboarding made easy!

Once you complete your registration, you can preview exactly how your gym will look like on OpenGym's marketplace. This way you can go back and edit the details like field/court names and gym description to your liking.

Preview your gym's new page before publicizing!

Preview your gym's new page before publicizing!

Preview your gym's new page before publicizing!

Our Mission

As the world continues to transition into a digital marketplace, it's important to give your customers the ease of using their smartphones and laptops to book their field rentals. OpenGym was founded when a group of college kids went out to play late one January night just to freeze their butts off and started looking for indoor gyms online. This process took so long, one important question had to be asked, “there isn't an easier way to do this?”, and after a few years of hard work, we are pleased to announce the launch of OpenGym.

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