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Book Field Time Instantly with OpenGym

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Wed Feb 15 2023

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  2. The OpenGym Experience
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OpenGym was tailor-made to make gym owners' and customers' lives easier. With the world slowly but surely shifting to doing everything on the smartphone, tablet or laptop, most customers don't want to have to call to book a reservation. We want to go online, find what we're looking for, click "purchase" and get on with our merry lives — business taken care of.

OpenGym took the time to consider both owners' and customers' journeys in event booking and field renting and created a gym management platform and marketplace that is sure to satisfy even the least able technology-users. Find out how OpenGym is revolutionizing the game of field rentals in style!

Find a Facility Near You

Living in New York City, it’s pretty tough finding events like recreational sports leagues or tournaments if you don’t know where to look. OpenGym was designed to get rid of this issue. Gyms registered on the platform are able to host events like pickup, training sessions, leagues and tournaments. Hop on OpenGym and find the tournament you and your friends have been meaning to register for!

Want to host your own event at a gym? No problem! Message your gym of choice on OpenGym and ask them to register your event for you!

Booking a reservation on desktop

Booking a reservation on desktop

OpenGym functions as an open marketplace for renting gym and field facilities, allowing users fast checkout and instant booking. Previously, reserving a field for a pickup game could be quite a hassle. You’d have to call the gym ahead of time and ask for a field’s availability before booking.

With OpenGym, all the information is right in front of you at all times. For example, if you want to book a field for 8pm — 9pm on a Thursday two weeks in advance, you will see the availability immediately on your screen and pick the time that works best for you!

Booking a reservation on mobile

Booking a reservation on mobile

This whole process is aided by the OpenGym user-friendly interface. The faster you can book, the faster you can go out there and get back to playing the sport you love!

The OpenGym Experience

In addition to the OpenGym guest checkout, OpenGym users can sign up for a free membership and gain the following perks:

  • manage their reservations and cancel at the click of a button
  • storing payment methods for later use
  • saving their favorite gyms for easy access
  • instantly messaging gyms
Easily manage your reservations!

Easily manage your reservations!

Manage your reservations with the click of a button. Know your gym’s cancellation policy and know when to cancel to get that refund!

Use existing payment methods!

Use existing payment methods!

Save your payment methods for later and save time making your reservation! With an existing payment method handy, all you have to do is find a gym, select the date you want to rent, sign some forms, and BOOM! You are now scheduled to play the sport you love with your friends and family!

Instantly message your favorite gym for information!

Instantly message your favorite gym for information!

We, as athletes, always experienced the thrill of going to an away game and not knowing what to expect. Finding a new gym to play at with your friends is no different! What should I wear? Should I bring a sweater? Do they have lockers?

Sometimes it is difficult to know all the information, but with an OpenGym account, getting in touch with your gym is simple! With an included instant messaging system, you can now reach out and avoid an awkward phone call!

Weekly Newsletter

Does OpenGym sound like something you would want to use? As OpenGym is expanding and looking for gyms to join the platform, sign up for our newsletter on our website to be kept up to date when your favorite gym joins!

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