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Where Can I Play Soccer Indoors in NYC?

Where do I find indoor sports facilities in NYC to play soccer in? Look no further… OpenGym has you covered!

Thu Mar 14 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Sports Underdome — New Rochelle
  2. Unlimited Sports Action — Port Washington
  3. Franko’s Garage — College Point
  4. Offside Sports Complex — Corona
  5. Book Your Indoor Soccer Experience with OpenGym

As winter descends upon the bustling streets of New York City, soccer enthusiasts may find themselves yearning to lace up their boots and hit the field. Thankfully, the Big Apple boasts a vibrant indoor soccer scene, offering a refuge from the cold and a haven for passionate players. With OpenGym, an indoor sports facility and gym marketplace, navigating the myriad options for indoor soccer in NYC has never been easier. Let’s explore some of the top indoor soccer facilities in the city where you can unleash your skills and passion for the beautiful game.

Sports Underdome — New Rochelle

The Sports Underdome

The Sports Underdome

Located in New Rochelle, the Sports Underdome is a haven for soccer enthusiasts seeking top-notch indoor facilities. This massive bubble encases an indoor turf field that boasts an entire 11v11 pitch, which can also be split into three smaller 7v7 pitches for more intimate matches. With ample space and state-of-the-art amenities, Sports Underdome provides the perfect setting for competitive games and training sessions.

Unlimited Sports Action — Port Washington

Unlimited Sports Action

Unlimited Sports Action

Head over to Port Washington and discover Unlimited Sports Action, another premier indoor soccer destination. This facility offers a fantastic 7v7 indoor turf field in a prime location, ideal for players of all levels. Beyond soccer, Unlimited Sports Action also provides classes, youth camps, and personal training sessions, catering to athletes looking to enhance their skills and fitness. Dedicated to being a source of good, the facility’s general manager even runs a special needs sports program called “Be The Best Sport,” having kids with special needs be able to enjoy the beautiful world of sports!

Franko’s Garage — College Point

Franko's Garage

Franko's Garage

For a unique indoor soccer experience paired with delicious cuisine, look no further than Franko’s Garage in College Point. This indoor turf facility offers an inviting atmosphere and an indoor turf field perfect for spirited matches. You can also come by just to have some fun and watch South American league matches as well as Copa Libertadores if you please! Plus, Franko’s Garage serves up mouthwatering hot Spanish food like arepas, empanadas, and salchipapas, ensuring that players can refuel and recharge after a game.

Offside Sports Complex — Corona

Offside Sports Complex

Offside Sports Complex

If futsal is more your speed, Offside Sports Complex in Corona has you covered. This state-of-the-art facility boasts a regulation-size 5v5 futsal field with premium goals, providing the perfect setting for fast-paced and dynamic matches. The best location in NYC to find futsal at an affordable rate. Additionally, Offside Sports Complex offers food options for hungry players, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a satisfying post-game meal.

Book Your Indoor Soccer Experience with OpenGym

Ready to hit the indoor soccer field in NYC? With OpenGym, booking your spot at these top-notch facilities is quick and convenient. Simply visit the OpenGym website or download the app, browse through the available options, and reserve your slot with just a few clicks. Whether you’re craving a competitive match or looking to refine your skills, OpenGym makes it easy to find and access the perfect indoor soccer venue in the city. Don’t wait any longer — book your indoor soccer experience today and unleash your passion for the game!

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